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Please read about how my boat was DAMAGED at Discovery Bay Marina
Here are the undisputable facts....

1. I had a boat stored in the dry stack system at Discovery Bay Marina.
2. My boat was damaged, while being moved by the marina staff.
3. I had signed away my rights to any damages in the contract I signed

For the record, the lawyer for the marina claim they told me not to launch my boat, (which I disagree with) despite the fact they were taking my fees for launching and storage.

What I am objecting to is the business practice of the marina, it is my opinion that I believe I was told initially they would pay for the damage.

It had been my understanding based upon my dicussuion with the marina that they were happy to make good on the damage and hence I returned with the bill... upon returning with the repair bill they now claimed that any damange it was not their responsibility and they would NOT pay for the damage.

Needless to say I took got my boat out of the dry stack as quick as I could !

As the general counsel for the Discovery Bay Marina has points out; the “Dry Stack Storage Agreement” specifically Section 8, waives and releases any claims for damages, except those caused by "sole willful misconduct".

Please consider the possibilities of signing any such contract in which you release your rights

You have a choice where you do business, please consider that choice!

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